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Belgian Waterslager Song Canary

- - The Waterslager Show Cage - -

Currently there are three show cages used in the US. The most popular and widely used cage know as the Pierre cage. A newly approved cage designed by Val Stevens. An older style cage which was imported before the Pierre cage was made. All three are approved for use in WWC shows.

It is WWC's desire to make cages available to its members at a reasonable price. We buy and sell cages as they become available. Please inquire if you have cages for sale or need cages.

This page is designed to show you the different cages available. We also want to introduce you to the new cage recently approved by WWC. We are hopeful the new cage will be easier to make and become more readily available.

Pictures and brief descriptions are below.

Links to the specifications of WWC approved show cages.

WWC Modified Show Cage


Pierre Nicolle Style Cage


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This new cage, designed by Val Stevens, was approved by our members at the annual show meeting in January 2007. It is a slightly modified design of the Pierre cage pictured below. US dimension lumber is used. It is a sturdier design and requires no welding. It can still be taken apart for traveling. We believe by eliminating the welding, many home carpenters will be able to make these cages.
Link to specifications.


This cage became the standard show cage for years. Unfortunately it is no longer made. Used cages can still be found. Designed by Pierre Nicolle. They became know for there take apart design, metal tray and use of stainless steel wire. About 50 of these cages were made for WWC in 2006 by Ernie Cobb. Welding became such a problem we looked very seriously at other options.
Link to specifications.

Older style cage with round seed/water holes. This cage has no metal tray and cannot be taken apart for traveling. It has a wood cross piece on top and does not use stainless steel wire. This cage was made with no welding. No longer made, but still a few being used in shows. We believe these were imported before the Pierre cage became available.

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