Sally Ciraolo's Bird Room

This is Sally's first year breeding canaries and of course waterslagers. She uses cages made by President and KD Cages. Cages measure 26" deep, 40" long and 72" high.
Sally's flight cages. She's planning to house the young males in one cage and the young hens in the other.

Sally has fledged 11 chicks and still has 16 eggs due to hatch. She uses a spare bedroom in her house for the birds.

Sally started the year by trying to find a mate for her 4 year old waterslager named "Indy". She ended up purchasing 4 hens and 3 males. Within a week she had eggs. The rest is history. She's now on her way to a very successful first year.

Sally took a picture of the ladder swing her birds really enjoy.
This lone chick is getting fed well and ready for banding.
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